Where it all began…

…Back in the late 1980’s a local feed company developed a small niche market for free range chicken, contracting around 10 chicken growers to fulfil the supply engaging a local processor and long standing supermarket retailer. In 1990/91 the feed company merged with another and the free range chicken line was dropped. Faced with a product that suddenly had nowhere to go, the farmers got themselves together into a group, formed a committee, and got themselves a contract to with a processor to continue the supply chain.

Today, some 20 years later, that same supply chain thrives with birds regularly supplied to the same local processing plant for supply to the same major retailers.

The group has grown over the
years to nearly 50 farmers, and we are now a recognised co-operative who between us have created and maintain over 250 purpose-built houses and range areas. We now supply the industry with over 150,000 birds per week.